Monday, July 13, 2015

Who Broke El Chapo out of Prison?

Speaking of reparations and apologies. When do we acknowledge the harm we have done to Mexico and other Latin American countries by creating and maintaining the drug trade? When do we stop thinking that it’s their fault? It isn’t just that our junkies create the mass market. Our laws function as a price support mechanism for heroin and marijuana. In the absence of the expensive and futile war on drugs, there would be more money in selling sombreros than narcotics.  Billionaire cartel bosses owe it all to us. We make the corruption and violence inevitable, and yet blame the misery of the Mexican nation on the Mexicans as if a poor country could possibly resist so much money.  

Of course it is perfectly futile to complain about all this or pretend it is news to anybody. The real scandal is not the irrationality of our policies, after all; but the fact that the scandal isn’t a mystery and hasn’t been for decades. It’s like suddenly noticing that money doesn’t have any intrinsic value and congratulating yourself for informing the guy on the next barstool about it. “Don’t kid yourself!” Well, maybe congratulations are in order. A stupidity this grand, this monumental cannot be constructed without the concerted efforts of the People. It is a national accomplishment, our version of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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